100 Finds Geo Achievement® Award Set With Coin Stand

100 Finds Geo Achievement® Award Set With Coin Stand

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100 Finds Geo-Achievement® Award Set

These are beautiful set of a Trackable Coin, Pin Badge and Coin stand.
Give this Geo-Achievement® Award to the deserving cacher who has reached a great milestone in cache finds.

The 100 finds Coin includes a Coin stand and Lapel Pin so the bearer can proudly display their geocaching achievement.

This elegant Geo-Achievement® coin and pin set is plated in durable polished nickel.
It is perfect for awarding to your friends or family for their geocaching achievements.

Use the included matching pin to wear at events or while geocaching to show off your cache finds achievement; go ahead, you earned it!

Collect the entire set and have all the icons show in your Geocaching.com trackables page.

One set includes one geocoin, one pin and a coin stand.

Coin measures 1.75″ in diameter.
Pin measures 1″ in diameter.
Both are plated in a polished nickel.

Translucent hard enamel colors on the front and solid hard enamel colors on the back.
Trackable on Geocaching.com.
An icon specific to this coin will show in your Geocaching.com profile when you log the tracking number.