24 Hours 24 Caches Geo-Achievement Set With Coin Stand

24 Hours 24 Caches Geo-Achievement Set With Coin Stand

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This elegant Geo-Achievement coin and pin set is plated in durable polished nickel. It is perfect for awarding to your friends or family for their geocaching achievements.

Use the included matching pin to wear at events or while geocaching to show off your cache finds achievement; go ahead, you earned it!

It is not easy to collect lots of geocache finds in 24 hours, but yet some people have accomplished several hundred in one day. This is a magnificent achievement and this coin is the perfect award for it. Give it as a gift at events, for birthdays, or get one for yourself to display.

The design of this coin is about time. It features the moon overlaid by the sun. The sun image glows in the dark. Under the sun and moon is a layered flower design segmented in a clock fashion with roman numerals surrounding it.

Collect the entire set and have all the icons show in your Geocaching.com trackables page.

One set includes one geocoin and one pin and a coin stand.

Coin measures 1.75" in diameter.Pin measures 1" in diameter.

Both are plated in a durable polished nickel finish.Glow-in-the-dark colour.

Translucent and solid hard enamel colors on both sides.

Custom engraving area on the backside of the coin that fits up to 2 lines of text.

Trackable on Geocaching.com.

An icon specific to this coin will show in your Geocaching.com profile when you log the tracking number.