The PM Collection: Sticker

The PM Collection: Sticker

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At Geocaching HQ, we always welcome and encourage everyone to get out and play this special game. We are also always aware that the game of Geocaching is what it is today because of the Premium Members. These are the people that helped the game to grow from a small hobby of a few people to a worldwide adventure enjoyed by millions. 

We also know that Premium Members have a lot of pride in their special status and have asked for a way to show it. This collection of items is designed specially for those that have given so much to this amazing game!

This little sticker can make your Premium Member items look more royal! 

This durable vinyl sticker is a peel and stick that can adhere to many surfaces, indoors and out. It features reflective silver around the official Premium Member icon design. 

Dimensions: Approximately 3 inches x 2.5 inches.